Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An early Mother's Day surprise

Every year at my school we have a Mother's Day picnic the week before Mother's Day. In years past I was either pregnant, on swine flu break or thought it would be too much to have my own kids up there. This year I thought I would take a chance and have Justin bring them up there for me.

How many brownie points does my sweet hubby score? He goes entirely out of his way to pick them up (really...I'm talking at least 30 min.), picks up a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers including my favorites like gerber daisies and lilies with both boys in tow, picks up lunch for me, changes Campbell's shirt so he doesn't look like a daycare ragamuffin, and stays late after work to make up the time he missed...all for me!

Since it was going to take another 30 minutes to drop them back off, we decided it was better just to leave them with me the last hour of school. I was so nervous about how they were going to act but they were really great. That last 20 minutes of school was really rough with Campbell, but we made it. Another day when we were about 3 hours late on nap. They were both zonked before I even hit the highway.

My students loved them and since 95% of them are Hispanic, they couldn't help but just stare at Campbell's big blue eyes. One of my girls said, "Those girls won't stop talking about his eyes, Mrs. McDonald. Be careful, they might rip them out." Let's hope not.

I'm one lucky mama.

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