Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So we're out of the tantrum phase (one of them that is...our other one is just entering the phase and is a professional), but this is what we've done an even exchange of...pouting or frumping. We went to a birthday party after church on Sunday. This is at the children's museum where Nolan was splashed in the face with water in the water area of the museum (water...how dare they?) There was about a 5 minute cry session where Justin had to calm him down and talk him off a ledge. We were well into an hour past our nap time so what can we say...other than, "Well, it's been fun. See y'all later!"

Oh, and here are a couple of pictures just so Campbell doesn't get left out. Here's where I'm getting pictures of them in the backyard and I catch him trying to climb our back wall. I decided that we've had enough gray teeth and shiners in the past month and grab him off the wall.

And here is the Academy Award winning fit that followed...I see this daily. What I couldn't capture was that he went as limp as a noodle and I almost dropped him because he was arching his back. He finished up his final act in the grass. Wow. He's on a role lately. You know he had a bad day when the director of daycare comes up to me and tells me that he had a rough day. He hit and pulled just about everyone's hair in class right after he dumped his blueberries on the floor and did his own little rendition of I love Lucy when Lucy makes wine. There were even blueberry stains on the floor to prove it. Doesn't he know that he's not supposed to turn "terrible" until he's two?

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