Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And the trophy goes to...

Saturday was our supposed to be our last soccer game, end-of-the-year soccer party, and our first t-ball game. How in the world were going to do it all, I have no idea. And thank goodness for the rain on Friday because it was all canceled. So we were able to make it to the soccer party. Each kid got their trophy and Nolan was appropriately named, "Most Improved." I would say that he definitely earned that title! Those three goals he made were the biggest confidence booster for him and he talked about it all week. He was so excited about that trophy and we are so proud of him and how he came out of his shell at the end of the season!

Our coach's wife makes cakes (good to know for future parties) and made an adorable soccer cake for the kids each with their own little star. We took our cake "to go" but I think we ate half of it in the restaurant because it was so good.

We took a group shot and it was too cute how proud they are were of their trophies. In the car, Nolan said, "It has a star, because I'm a rock star." Let's not get ahead of ourselves, David Beckham.

But my favorite of the day wasn't the trophy or that he thought he was a rock star. When we got home and as I tucked him into bed for his nap, he asked me, "Mommy, how old am I now?" That crazy rock star thought it was his birthday party! You know it's a little confusing. There were lots of people,  presents (trophy), and there was cake...everything you need for a birthday party, right? I'm proud of him that he was happy enough just getting a trophy...good to know before I spend a ridiculous amount on his party.

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