Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

As you know from my past posts, I had finally come to the realization that Nolan was going to be our brain, and maybe not so much our athlete. He gave me a glimmer of hope a few weeks back, but then was back to his butterfly chasing/flower picking self for the past two weeks.

Saturday morning our church just put in a brand new playground for the kids and Justin went up there to help. He came home to see Nolan's last soccer game, but I was on my own in the morning and Campbell was in a mood...a big one. So it was a challenge to get them fed breakfast and lunch, soccer gear on and out the door in time for the game in between tantrums. I didn't have time to eat lunch myself and Justin had been so busy working on the playground that he hadn't eaten either.

I had sort of given up on the soccer season last week. I mean we didn't even bring the camera or camcorder for goodness sake. We're starting t-ball this week so I had pretty much moved on. I told Justin, "I'll go grab us some lunch." Those are my famous last words that will haunt me forever. I ran to Subway and it took me a little longer than expected and call it mother's intuition, I thought to myself, "Watch him score his first goal while I'm out getting something to eat," as I was driving back to the game.

Sure enough, as I'm walking up Justin says, "Hey, Courtney has something to show you on her camera." And I knew...I was officially the worst mom. I was so upset at myself that I had done that. Then my inner 5-year-old self came out. I was pouting. I couldn't believe that I had been so stupid to miss his first REAL goal. Those other two don't was for the other team and the other was when the ball was dead. This one was the Real McCoy!

Well, I guess Nolan saw me pouting and didn't want to disappoint because not even five minutes later, he ran the ball down the entire length of the field and scored. You better believe that I was acting like a fool...Subway sandwich in hand and all. There were olives and lettuce flying all over that field! He was so proud of himself!!! I felt a little bit redeemed but was still kicking myself for missing that goal. What do you know, he goes and scores ANOTHER goal! TRIPLE threat! At this point I think he's really wanting me to just eat my words. Thank goodness for other moms who AREN'T losers like me. My neighbor, Courtney, videotaped his first goal. How lucky was that? She (like all of us) thought that her son Hank was going to score the goal. So I keep telling myself that I didn't really miss his first goal, I just saw it on videotape. Go with me on it, ok? It helps me sleep better at night.

Don't might miss it!

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