Sunday, February 28, 2010

Birthday Fiesta

We celebrated my mom's birthday a couple of weeks ago at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. Nolan gets so excited about birthday parties and we had our big snow storm on the my mom's actual birthday and had to reschedule it to the next day. I didn't even mention it to Nolan but when we were driving home during the snow storm he said, "It's not 'posed' to snow on birthday parties." It was so cute that he knew all that snow meant no partying. Can you see why? He knows party = cake. We had a lot of fun and all took turns wearing the sombrero. How can you not have fun with a sombrero? You know that your children have big heads when the adult size sombrero fits their head. It's all those brains up there I say.

My niece Madison and Nolan puckering up
Happy Birthday Grandma!

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