Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Einstein

When you have two boys that are close in age and look so much alike it's so hard not to compare them to one another. I was afraid poor Campbell would get the short end of the stick when it came to the brain department, but he's holding his own. Nolan was really slow when it came to anything physcial like crawling and walking but verbally he was talking in complete sentences well before 2. So when Campbell turned 18 months and knew words but not a ton like his brother, I couldn't help but compare.

Well, his vocabulary has exploded in the past month. It's mindblowing how quickly he's learning more and more words each day. I guess it's the educator nerd inside of me that's so intrigued by it. He loves the book Brown Bear and can point out each animal and make the animal sound. It's so cute, when I ask him what the teacher says he'll say, "Shhh" and put his finger to his mouth. He already has us figured out. But what impressed me the most is that he knows numbers! Not so much the exact order that they go in, but for 19 months I consider him a smarty pants.

Nolan's new teacher has really been working with him and he read his first book! He was so proud of himself that he keeps bringing his book back and forth to school. It's crazy to think he doesn't start kindergarten for another year and a half.

I know I sound like one of those annoying parents that has a "my child is an honor student" bumper sticker. It's just so exciting to see their little brains working and being sponges. I'm really so proud of them.

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