Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chuck E Cheese PLEASE!

Can you believe that I've somehow managed to not take my boys to Chuck E Cheese ever in their lives? I didn't do it on purpose but it's not exactly the first thing that pops in our minds when we want to eat out. I don't know how but when we drive by one, Nolan knows what it is and says, "There is Chuck E Cheese!" Like I said, we've never been to one nor really talked about one. Maybe it's innate and every child knows about this place?

Last weekend, my sister asked if we wanted to go with her and two of my nieces and I decided, "Sure, why not?" I know...I'm crazy. You see, I'm overly paranoid about letting my children out of my sight for fear of them being hurt. Maybe it comes from my paralyzing fear as a child of being kidnapped. (I still get a little freaked when I see white kidnapper vans without windows.) So swimming pools and parking lots can be pretty stressful at times. I know that they have the child "check out" system but even then, I'm a control freak.

But I must say we actually had fun! Bringing my nieces along was the smartest move because they helped chase the boys. Campbell had his favorite ride and threw the biggest tantrum when I took him out to go eat. I can only imagine when he gets older and we take him to Six Flags the meltdown we might have when it's time to go home. So now that the cats out of the bag when it comes to Chuck E Cheese, I wonder how long it will be before Nolan requests it daily.

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