Monday, February 8, 2010

Under the weather

So I used to be bothered when people would tell me, "Your kids are always sick." Like I purposely do it and I don't wash/bathe them and let them touch dirty public toilets before eating. But then I made a realization...THEY ARE ALWAYS SICK! Nolan not so much since he turned 2. I mean we have our usual colds about once or twice but nothing like when he was a baby BT (before tubes). I swear I'm a germ-a-phob and it all began when I had children.

I took Campbell to Carenow last Sunday for our weekly appointment (or so it seems). I asked them if they have Carenow bucks. You know, like every 10th visit is free?!? Too bad they don't, or I'd be save some major $$$. They diagnosed him with croup and we've been doing breathing treatments, antibiotics, steroids, cough suppressants, and motrin for days. Finally on Thursday, I realized that after 5 days on antibiotics this poor boy should be better. I took him to our pediatrician and we're on our second round of antibiotics now and steroids. Have I mentioned that steroids make him the devil's spawn? No really, his teacher said that she had to put him in time out because he literally pulled every child's hair that day and made them all cry.

So Friday I woke up with a little tickle in my throat and by Friday evening I had a really horrible cough. Throughout the weekend it just got worse and I finally convinced myself to call in sick. As a teacher, it's more trouble calling in sick and preparing for a sub than it is just to go and suffer through it. That tells you how rotten I was feeling. I slept in until 11:15!!! I think it's been since college that I've slept in that late. It was so wonderful to catch up on all the sleep I lost last week with Campbell waking up so much throughout the night. Even with all that sleep, I just couldn't stop hacking. So back to Carenow today! They really should start Carenow bucks! Who am I kidding? They love families like mine...two kids in daycare and a teacher. They see me coming and laugh all the way to the bank! No strep for me, but a nasty upper respiratory infection. I'm on a Z-pack now and hopefully headed for a better me!

So I go to pick up the boys after the doctor and Nolan's teacher tells me that Nolan didn't take a good nap because he was coughing a lot. AHHH! Seriously, can I borrow a hospital bubble and put my family in it?!? So looks like we're keeping the pharmaceutical business up and running with our family alone. For now, here's what a typical evening looks like in the McDonald household.


  1. Hey Andrea
    I almost called you yesterday. You all have the chest junk while our girls have the tummy junk. Sending you well wishes. Love you!
    By the way...saw you have Dine and Dish on your blogroll..I was selected as one of her Adopt-a-blogger contestants. :) It's pretty cool. You'll see post updates soon.



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