Saturday, September 12, 2009

The proposal

You don't expect to hear a proposal from your 3 yr old. So it wasn't exactly a proposal with a question but he definitely said he wanted to marry me. Oh I just treasure these years with my boys so much. When they hug me like crazy and say or do things that make me roll on the floor. Nolan often asks me, "Mommy is your heart smiling?" It's like he knows! Talk about intuition in that kid. How can your heart not burst when you hear something like that? Here's a couple of proposal videos I got of Nolan. Someday, I'll be watching these and crying especially during those years when he's embarrassed to even hug me. Thank you God for this memory.


  1. I love how he says "tomorrow" in the first video. And I'm glad he remembered his underwear; you're teaching him right, Mama! :)

  2. ok I am bawling right now thinking about my sweet 18 month old cason saying the same thing--he is THE biggest momma's boy ever--that is AWESOME :) you guys are THE cutest little fam :)



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