Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wagon Ride

We bought Nolan a wagon for his 1st birthday and I must admit we have been terrible about using it. So we dusted off the cobwebs and put both boys in for a walk last week. Wow, talk about a work out. We're talking about 60 lbs of bubbaness going uphill, downhill, and turning. It was definitely a short walk.

They were both great and just looked around. Although, I heard an occasional, "I want to go faster, Mommy" comment from Nolan as he watched the ants pass us. During one of my much needed breaks, I was able to sneak some of these photos. Nolan took Campbell for a short walk down the sidewalk and Campbell only banged his head once. We're prone to accidents in this wagon. At Nolan's first birthday, he fell out on the sidewalk and got his first big boo-boo right smack on the forehead. Maybe that's why we don't use the wagon very often?!?
Nolan after 1st birthday with a boo boo as a present
I just love this picture. It totally captures his funny little walk.

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