Saturday, September 5, 2009

I pledge allegiance (burp)

The other day on the way home from school Nolan said, "There's the American flag!" I gave him a little quiz because it frightens me that some of my 5th graders don't know what country we live in. So I asked him what state we live in. I had to give him a little hint with "Fort Worth..." and he screams "TEXAS!" Then I asked him what country we live in and give him the hint "United..." and he screams "STATES OF AMERICA! AND TO THE REPUBLIC...." and recites the pledge word for word. Immediately after, he breaks into song with God Bless America. It was so cute, I just had to capture it.

Please pardon his belching in the middle of the pledge and nevermind him mixing up a few words here or there. That's what makes it so cute! And his baby bubba sure was a good cheerleader.

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