Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wanna eat?

My boys are so cute I just want to eat them! Let me first state the obvious that I'm not really being literal when I say that I want to eat my kids so don't pick up the phone and make a CPS call on me. But they're just so dang adorable that I just want to savor every moment and squeeze them! Before you go thinking that I'm too weird, I was so relieved one day on a shopping trip to Target to overhear a mom tell her daughter, "I'm going to eat you." Nolan heard it too and said, "Mommy! She said 'I want to eat you' like you want to eat me!" I was so excited that I wasn't the only crazy out there that I went up to her, stranger and all, and told her what we had in common.

Well I guess telling Nolan all those times that I want to eat him have finally made an impression. Besides him telling me, "you can't eat people, you can only eat dinner," we've been pretty safe up to this point. Well tonight Nolan was helping me put Campbell to bed. He's so wonderful...he reads books to him, turns on his night light, and sits by the rocker as quiet as a mouse while I sing Campbell a song . Well right before we put Campbell in his crib we had a little snuggle moment and Nolan put Campbell's hand in his mouth. With Campbell just getting over strep and Nolan coughing like a barking seal, I told him that wasn't such a good idea. He responds, "Well he's just so yummy, I want to drink him." Hmmm, I've never thought of that one, but he's right!

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