Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Birthday pictures

The party was a hit. I was nervous because we had it at our community pool and parties aren't allowed. I bought a kiddie blow up pool for backup in case anyone decided to bust up our party. But it all went well and the cake was super adorable. My cake lady is booked through October. Guess I better start looking for someone to do Nolan's birthday. I already booked her for the boys' parties next year. Geez! You should have seen the live action shots of Campbell with his first introduction to sugar. It was a riot! At first he just mushed it but then Grandma gave him a tiny piece in his mouth and he went to town. It looked nothing like a fish after he was done. He was such a trooper for the party in the heat but took a 3 hour nap afterward. Guess he experienced his first sugar coma.

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