Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Oh boy, my boys go all out when they decide to get sick. Here's how they plan it. Let's wait until mom is out of town on her last "me" trip before full time motherhood this summer and get really sick. Campbell decided to go first on this little stunt on Friday and he went full throttle...ear infection, strep, 103 fevers, runny nose, coughs. Nolan decided to come in on Round 2 on Sunday. You guessed it...strep and a very suspicious rash that looks like red dots on his face and arms. Hmmm, what ever could it be? Chicken pox, anyone? I made it home on Sunday after being worried sick and feeling terribly guilty. We went to our regular dive - Carenow. We should buy stock in that place. Is it listed on NYSE? Not sure about the chicken pox. We're still on "watch" but dots keep going away but then another one comes up but no itching so we don't think it is...stay tuned.

So the past few nights have been reminders of the newborn days with the crankiness and sleeplessness. If there's a silver lining in all this it's that I'm off work and don't have to worry about sick days. We've been a fever free household for 48 hours and decided to venture to VBS tonight only to discover Campbell had a low grade fever tonight once we got there. Oh what a start to a "relaxing" summer. At first I was going to nominate Justin for "Dad of the Year" dealing with all that by himself but now I'm thinking if they got THAT sick on his watch, maybe not so much. Maybe it's all part of their evil plan to never leave them with Dad alone again. Hey at least I have job security.


  1. Oh...I'm sorry :(
    I hope that everyone is better soon!

  2. Hey Andrea
    Strep also shows up in a rash...also known as scarlet fever. Dory has had this once- freaky but harmless if on an antibiotic. Hope you all are getting better! love you!



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