Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This story is one that will surely give you goosebumps, warm your heart, or make you cry...or do all three like he did for me. Dawn's memorial service was yesterday. It was a wonderful celebration of her life with a church filled with family, friends, and students that her life has touched.

They were able to use many of her vital organs to help save others lives. Dawn's kidneys have already found a recipient. Her pancreas is on its way for diabetic research. Her eyes will be stored until a recipient is found. Her skin will be used to make burnt victims look and feel better.

Before this tragedy every took place Dawn's dad was scheduled to have open heart surgery at the beginning of July. Dawn already booked her plane ticket to go up to Iowa to be with her dad. She was extremely close with her family. Her dad needs a new aortic valve and was waiting to hear if the donor's valve would fit. Well, Dawn's valve is a perfect fit! So now Dawn will be able to have a piece of her heart living in her dad's heart. Are you crying yet? What an amazing story and Dawn wouldn't have any other way to save her own father's life. How appropriate that after living a life of a dedicated teacher that she is still giving and thinking of others even in her death. Wow!


  1. Oh I'm so sad to hear about your friend. How sudden & tragic. I can't imagine how you must feel. It's an amazing story though that she was able to save her father's life with her heart valve. I'll pray for her family & friends!

  2. Oh, I'm crying...what an amazing story. So tragic that she was so young...and very scary too

  3. WOW!!!! What an incredible story!!! What a blessing she was to so many and she gets to continue living through her father. Wow...



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