Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mom of the Year

We had a pretty rough night Sunday night and I just couldn't figure out why Campbell was waking up so often after sleeping like a champ for a week. I was getting really frustrated and begging him to go to sleep. Finally I resorted to putting him in his swing just to get some uninterrupted shut eye. He's has sounded pretty congested lately. I knew that Nolan probably passed something onto him because he has been hacking and had a runny nose. I decided to go ahead and take Campbell to the doctor because he was literally snoring in church.

So I take him into the doctor today and the poor little guy has a DOUBLE ear infection. I can see tubes in our future just like his older brother. I guess it was bound to happen. I hate that he got his first infection at such a young age but I guess that's what we're faced with now that we have two and they'll be bringing home their sicknesses to share with everyone. I felt so terrible for being so frustrated with him when he must feel awful. Minus Sunday night, you wouldn't even know this little guy is not feeling so hot. He's just been his usual smiley, happy self!

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  1. I had tubes and they weren't so bad. My mom helped me out by shaving down the ear plugs so no one could tell that I was wearing them (though I had to use tongs to reach in and pull them out each time). I couldn't afford to have anything slow down my game at Wet 'n Wild. Look on the bright side: your boys will never be uncomfortable on takeoff / landing in airplanes.



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