Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to School blues

I've got the baby blues. I'm at work this week getting ready for the start of the school year. I miss both of my boys so much and it's so hard to leave Campbell when he's so young. He's in great hands with my sister-in-law but I just find myself thinking about him all day. Mostly because he was an angel baby on Monday and Becky said he was such a great baby. Well apparently she spoke too soon. Yesterday and today when I picked him up, my poor sister-in-law said he was a "little fussy". She tends to be overly nice so if she was saying that, my guess is that he was screaming his head off all day. I'm envisioning her having a day like my day at Barnes & Noble and Central Market a couple of weeks ago.

I don't expect him to be a perfect baby. There are days when I want to go back to work that very second because I'm so overwhelmed but I just hate when he's difficult for others. I've caught myself questioning whether or not I'll be able to do this when I really go back for good in another 6 weeks. I am already worrying about how behind my kids at school are going to be and the pressure from administration to have them ready for TAKS at the end of the year. I just have to remind myself that I must consciously forget about school and NOT think about it so I can truly cherish this time with Campbell because it will fly by.

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  1. Crazy you wrote this today b/c I was having such a hard day w/ Travis today that I told Reid days like this make me wish I was working more. Of course, I really am so thankful that I can stay home w/ Travis and thankful that I have a job where I can help out at the hospital as frequently as I want (or don't want), but some days just make you want to pull your hair out!
    See you Saturday!!



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