Friday, September 30, 2011

The 9 month journey

Here it is....what might have been the longest pregnancy known to man. And I made it! Little did I know in that Week 37 picture, that I was about to give birth the very next day. I gotta say, I was a little bummed that she was 1 stinkin' oz. away from being 8 lbs since the boys were both 8 pounders. We were supposed to go to a Labor Day party and I'm telling ya, I'm thinking I would have consumed enough goodies to push her over the line. Guess she didn't want to outweigh her brothers, don't blame her.

I don't want to make the pregnancy sound all horrible. There were things that I really did cherish about it. I loved that the boys were really into having a baby sister growing in my belly. They would pray every night for her and sometimes kiss my belly. It melted my heart. And feeling her move and kick was that subtle reminder telling me "I'm in here Mommy just growing away" in her own little baby language. They were sweet minus at the very end when she was doing her best kickboxing moves inside my belly.

I'm not sure if it was people feeling sorry for me or that I looked so insanely miserable large but everyone was so wonderful to me this pregnancy. My team at work was always looking out for me. They were constantly taking kids off my hands that were trying my patience, going out to recess for me on mega hot days, and watching the boys for me so I could make doctor appointments.

And don't even get me started on the load that my husband had to carry.

I think he's got to be the happiest of everyone that I'm not pregnant about stepping up his game. Countless dinners were cooked, boys were bathed and put to bed and swollen feet were rubbed. He deserves a medal as much as I do for enduring this pregnancy.

In some ways, I'm so relieved that I won't be pregnant anymore. I mean in a I-want-to-burn-my-maternity-clothes kind of way. But in another way, it makes me sad knowing that there won't be any more kicks or flutters felt and the thrill of delivery and all the excitement that it holds won't be experienced anymore. 

But then I look at what we have, and how can I be sad? I'm so thankful for three healthy babies/pregnancies and especially when we didn't know if we would ever be parents at all. What a journey it's been.

My grandmother gave me a book signed by the author called Let me Hold you Longer by Karen Kingsbury. If you're ever in the mood to cry buckets, get this book. CRYFEST! It's a book that reminds parents to not only celebrate all the "firsts" but also the lasts. Don't miss out on the last days of kindergarten, the last drawing that your child makes for you...told ya, cry fest. Whenever I read it to the boys, it's one of those nights that I snuggle them in bed longer than normal. So here I am a mess knowing that it's our last baby. So Landry is being rocked longer when I have loads of laundry to do but I just look at it as celebrating our last. I think we're all holding on longer...

LOVE this pic...yes, my talented husband started painting these of the boys. He's not done yet but don't they look amazing?!

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  1. Oh my!! I love these. You are seriously making me have baby fever. So precious.



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