Friday, September 2, 2011

Hurricane Nolan

Sometimes I wonder why I put myself through the things that I do when I already have so much on my plate. I was hesitant to put Nolan in soccer this fall with the baby coming, the school year starting and all that goes with that.

Memories of t-ball games flooded my brain with practices/games in 100 degree heat. But Nolan has really shown some major improvement this past season and just loves it. So I hated to take a break when he loves it so much.

So we signed him up... and this year we're the Hurricanes! And I'm liking this uniform a lot more than our maroon/gold uniforms for two seasons.


His coach is really great which is more than I can say for his t-ball coach who still didn't know his name at the end of the season and would just call him "Buddy".

Five of the kids on the team have been on the same team since last year and even some of them for three seasons now so we've got quite the team now.  

Nolan scored FOUR goals in the all-time high for him. He was on fire!


Gooooooo Nolan!

 I got so into the game that I forgot that it was 170 degrees outside at 10 am in the morning. We tried to stay in the shade as long as possible but that quickly disappeared but look at my cute little umbrella boy coming to save the day and give mama some shade. 

The scary part is that there actually was a mom that passed out from heat exhaustion! My umbrella came in handy to keep her in the shade.

Have I mentioned that I HATE this summer weather?! 

Thankfully the game was over very soon after that and we headed straight indoors to drinks lots of water and soak in the air conditioning the rest of the day.

Nolan and his buddy Hank were in Pre-K together and are so excited to play together again.

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  1. How fun. Cute photos. :) I have thought about putting Dustyn in soccer, but I think he is still a little young.



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