Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First bath

Oh what started out as something boring....

sure did wake someone up.

In fact, I'd say she got downright mad at us. Let's just say she didn't exactly see it as a spa day.

We saw a little temper side of Miss Laid Back Landry we'd never seen before. 


But luckily the pacifier came into save the day.

***SIDENOTE: we are pacifier challenged in our family. Nolan calls it a "firepasser" and Campbell calls it "a piece of fire" and I'm just in the middle rolling on the floor thinking of all the things we can call this darn thing!

She did get a little miffed again after we took the towel off her.

It was a family affair for sure.

PhotobucketBut I'd say some of my favorite memories of my kids are when they are freshly bathed and the snuggle time afterwards. Yep, nothing beats it.

Except for maybe seeing your husband love it as much as you do. Yes, that tiny little finger has a 6'4" man wrapped around it already. Mush, people, I tell you he's putty in her hands. And I find it adorable.


  1. oh heavens Landry, can you be any cuter!?!?! I seriously love seeing the PINK!!:) TOTAL CHANGE from all the blue you have had the past years!! WOOT WOOT! The photo of your hubs and Landry melst my heart! I am dying over "piece of fire" haha I hope all is well! xoxo

  2. Oh my goodness. Too precious.

  3. So so so sweet! That girl has a huge group of boys taking care of her...She is so lucky!



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