Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Egg artist

It's been while since I've seen my sister, Tonya, and my nieces. So I invited them over for some egg-cellent dyeing fun. Cheesy, I know, but just hear me out.


Lesson #1- Two years old is a little too young to be dyeing eggs but don't you dare tell him that. In his eyes, he's perfectly capable and beyond excited about being an egg artist. I'm not sure how many of these actually were cracked by little chubby hands reaching and rolling them like they were ping pong balls.


There were innumerable gasps and people holding their breath knowing that Campbell was within reach of the colored dye liquid and breakable eggs.

And he was quite the comic relief dipping his egg holder into the dye and blowing with such force wondering why in the world bubbles weren't coming out. I didn't have the heart to tell him that it wasn't a bubble wand.

Notice Campbell still just-a-blowin' that egg holder...

A five year old on the other hand is extremely meticulous. Well, my 5 year old is, who obviously inherited his father's artistic gene.


Guess who made the biggest mess of them all? My 37-year-old husband who spilled blue dye all over my niece and the table. Good times.

My nieces were by far the most patient with their decorating. That's what being 10, 12, and 15 years old will do. I absolutely love having them there because with Campbell alone, that's how many extra hands I needed in order to actually snap some pictures.

And in sticker obsessed fashion, my boys went nuts plastering their eggs with stickers. But I can't blame the kids, I was pretty sticker obsessed myself as a kid. I distinctly remember my mother hiding band-aids from me because they're stickers too, right? Anyone?

Here's some proof that this guy had enough patience to keep his hands in the dye long enough to do his own Incredible Hunk finger impersonation.

Finally Campbell lost interest and there was an audible sigh of relief from all the hands on deck. Those 15 minutes of interest were exhausting for all involved.

And when the kids lost interest, my biggest kid (Justin) went in for some creative egg therapy. Can you tell which ones are his?

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  1. Haha! Stickers and bandaids! My Landry can run through an entire box of bandaids in minutes. I do have them hidden in the top of the closet, along with the nail polish, because she hasn't figured out how to scale the wall yet... :)



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