Monday, April 11, 2011

Boy or Girl?

Think PINK!!!! WOW, can't believe it myself. I was so convinced it was a boy. And all I've ever known is how to raise boys so this one threw me for a loop. But I couldn't be happier and more excited. Because let's face it, girl stuff is way more fun and cuter than boy stuff. And I can't wait to learn how to make bows for this little girl. I promise not to make them bigger than her head can hold up (well, on most days but don't hold me to it 100%). So I haven't wasted one second slapping a bow on this girl. I'm sure she'll grow up to be a tomboy with two older brothers so I better enjoy it while I can.

Recently, I spoke with the boys about what they wanted...a boy or a girl. Nolan from the beginning has wanted a girl and has voiced it over and over again. At first when I asked Campbell he said he wanted a boy but then I think he thought that meant we were trading in Nolan for another boy and he kept saying, "No, I want Nolan." Once I told him Nolan was safe and we weren't baby traders, he was on the team girl side.

When we had Campbell, I got a lot of comments from people along the lines of, "Are you sad it's not a girl?" or "Are you going to keep trying for that girl?" It made me perturbed, to say the least, that they didn't just see the blessing in having a healthy baby boy. So when the boys and my parents made their voices pretty clear that they wanted a girl, there was a lot of pressure (even though it was completely out of my control). So mostly importantly I'm glad that things look good with the baby and I'm so grateful!

I took this video about a month ago before we knew what we were having. Guess it's going to be a tough conversation that Uniqua Tasha McDonald may not exactly be what we're looking for. Can you tell my kids are big fans of Backyardigans?

The sonographer (who's never been wrong, by the way, but watch us be his first) said he's 95% sure because I was so early at my sonogram (I was one day shy of 15 weeks). My first question of course is, "Can I go shopping?"  He said that he'd still go to Vegas and bet on it so I may hold off on painting the room, but a little shopping won't do any harm...


  1. How exciting! Girls are so much fun. I feel the same as you about the idea of having a boy...I don't know what to do with one, since girls are all I know! Lol. Enjoy shopping!

  2. Every girl needs a giant bow attached to her head. I have made quite a few bows for Cameron. I'll teach ya!

  3. What great news! A little girl! :)

  4. Yaayyyyyyy! I am so excited! After two boys I am sur sit will be so crazy to finally have some pink in your house! congrats to all of you!

  5. The Versatile Blogger Award!



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