Friday, April 15, 2011

Blue for you...

Sometimes I drive around Texas and I think about how ugly it is with our grass fires and flat land. And the triple digit heat in the summer only magnify its ugliness when driving around in the concrete jungle of the city. I mostly feel this when I've just come back from a trip or I'm sweating through my shirt. Sweat makes me grumpy.

But some days, I'm taken back by it. A sunset in Texas is a sight to be seen, farmland with rolling hills and windmills have its own unique sense of beauty. We live near a lake and seeing the sun reflect off the water gives that feeling that there's fairy dust in the air.

But bluebonnets? Don't even get me started on those suckers. They make driving in the concrete jungle that much more bearable when you see them sitting there all prissy like they just know they're cute right along a highway. It's like they're saying, "Aww, c'mon, Texas isn't so horrible!"

The only thing that could be better about bluebonnets is that they should definitely stay longer than a few weeks.

I've got this bluebonnet thing to a science. I've figured out that on Justin's birthday week, they are at their peak. The only thing I don't have down to a science is where to find them. One year, we drove around for two hours looking for them. I highly recommend NOT doing that with two kids 3 and under. Bad idea.

And once a mama has had a bluebonnet beat down, she vows for it never to happen again. So I must say for the past two years, we've been on a roll. I start a couple of weeks before scouting them out...but this year, nothing. It was so sad driving around here. It was a pitiful display, to say the least.

But my sweet co-worker, Carlynn, told me of one field that was a little out of my way but boy was it so worth it. I think this must have been the one spot in my area that actually got a decent showing of bluebonnets.

And apparently everyone got the memo because there were at least 7-8 other families doing the same thing we were except we were by far the biggest amateurs out there.

 But we did our best to try and act like we knew what we're doing. Confidence is key, right?

 So we didn't have Radio Flyer wagons and old tattered chairs out in a field (why didn't I think of that?) but who needs props when you've got this oozing cuteness working for ya?


The boys have had a camera in their face since birth almost daily so the bonus to that is that they seem to not mind it and just carry on doing what they're doing. And candid photography is my absolute favorite.

Swear that we had no part in the 'hands in your pocket' pose. That was completely all them. They are becoming quite the posers, aren't they?

And Campbell in his horse obsession kept himself entertained by feeding the bluebonnets to his horse.


 Another year of successful bluebonnets makes for one happy mama.

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  1. Gorgeous!!! I took photos of my little guy in bluebonnets just the other day...need to post. GREAT job!....I love the one of daddy walking in the background.
    BTW: left you an award!!! on your last post!:)



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