Sunday, April 3, 2011

Top 5 photos

I'm linking up with Click it up a Notch and had to pick my Top 5 pics of my children so far this year. 

It's way too hard for me to pick my Top 5 photos from the beginning of the year but here's my best attempt. I can't believe how much photography became a hobby almost overnight since last year. Now I just look for any opportunity to take their pictures and can't wait to download them and take a look on the computer.

I love this picture because there is nothing sweeter than seeing my boys side and side and yes they even hold hands sometimes. It just absolutely melts my heart. 

This one was included because we went on a hiking trail and found this ratty ol' cabin. In order to get the boys to cooperate for the picture I had to act like I was a bear sneaking up on their cabin. Moms will do what they have to in order to get a great picture.

This one is fresh off the camera from yesterday. Texas has wonderful bluebonnets and every year we hope to find a beautiful patch. This might be the prettiest patch we've ever found. I absolutely love this one of Campbell with his Daddy.

Snow is a rare commodity here in Texas so snow pictures are an extra special treat. Even one we try to taste!

Here's another one that I had to include. I love how the bluebonnets just make his eyes pop and love that the aperature setting has his brother blurry in the background.

There, it was hard to do but I did my best. I still can't pick my absolute favorite! 

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  1. Your first picture is just precious!
    Don't you love that the blue bonnets are finally in bloom here in Texas!?

  2. Wow, Andrea, I'm so glad you linked up so I could see your beautiful photos! Don't you just love how photography is the best hobby EVER!!! You definitely have a talent with it! Love love love the bluebonnet shots (both of them) I lived in TX for over a year and don't remember ever seeing any bluebonnets :O( Now I want to move back to see them! he he I hope you have that first one framed in your house...brothers! Love it! And the one of your soon peaking around the your creativity to get them to interact with you and the camera!! Thanks for linking up! I'm looking forward to watching your journey this year!

  3. Photography truly is the best hobby!!!!! It inspires me almost every day.

    I sooooooooo enjoyed your photos and the boys are precious. The one of your son popping his head around the cabin is a great capture. I love his look of joy. The snow photo screams BOY!!!! I love the colors too.

    Thanks for linking up with us.

    BTW, I just featured your post on my Facebook page

  4. Oh gosh!! These are all sooo great! I love the second one. Too cute! Thanks for linking up. I am glad I found your blog. I will be following along. :)

  5. Oh those pretty blue bonnets, how I miss them! (from dallas) :) Great shots!



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