Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fort Woof

"BC"-It's what Justin and I refer to as "before children". As in, "Oh remember when we used to go bike riding for hours BC?" Well a big part of our BC life was our dog Bandit. He was our first child. We used to walk him like crazy, play with him, buy him toys. Poor thing now just plays with sticks outside. Back in the heyday of our BC days, we used to take Bandit to Fort in the #1 dog park in the country.

Then the boys came into our lives. I'm envisioning Bandit's dog thoughts being very similar to Lady from "Lady and the Tramp". Therefore, Fort Woof was not seen for a VERY long time.

Well, we thought the boys would love see all the dogs running around so we made it a family event.

It's a fenced in area with two for large dogs and one for smaller dogs. There are tunnels, balls, and hydrants all for having territorial wars to their hearts content.


Campbell wasn't so sure right when we got there. New friends were checked out from afar at first.

But then the doggie cuteness couldn't be resisted. So Campbell inched closer.

Instantly, friends were made and how did I know? A sloppy lick from a dog and a giggle in return = BFF in toddler terms. I love how everyone at Fort Woof is so friendly and proud to show off their "children".

I think the boys thought that it was a playground for them. They were playing with all the dog toys and playground equipment. Thank God for Purell.

We weren't brave enough to take the boys to the large dog side. Mostly because some dogs Campbell could ride as a horse. Campbell loved watching them through the fence though.

And while we were there we even got to enjoy a beautiful sunset...we've had some really amazing ones lately.

Nolan and Campbell loved it and are still talking about it. I think that we won't make our poor Bandit wait another five years.

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  1. Very cute, glad you were featured - you have a witty style of writing, definitely a follower now! incase you'd like to know who's blog stalking you :).



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