Monday, January 10, 2011

Wanna come out to play?

In Texas, we know that our winter lasts about 4-6 weeks. It's a blessing and a curse. Don't get me wrong. I love me a nice cold snow and watching the snowflakes dance to the ground while I'm all wrapped up, Snuggie style with my boys. But after a couple of days of it, I'm over it and snow is only fun when you don't have to get out in it. Shovel driveways? thanks. 

So we heard our "Arctic blast" was a-comin' and so I enforced my mama TV, no playing inside because next week it was going to get cooooooold. Anyone else feel frightened when they hear themselves sound like their own mother?

There's a mix of guilt and satisfaction that comes along with telling my boys to go outside and play. The guilt pulls at my heartstrings when I hear, "Come push me on the swings, Mommy." And believe me, my arms can testify to plenty of swing pushin' going on in this backyard. But then I want my boys to feel independent enough to play outside in our backyard without me. They have a playground and each other...that was more than I had most days playing outside. When I see them giggling and playing outside it warms my heart that they love playing with each other and can entertain themselves.

For the record, the idea behind Toy Story where toys play and come alive when you leave the room was part of my reality at the age of 6. Why didn't I get that written at the age of 6 so I could be rich is beyond me. I played with toys out of obligation because I hadn't played with them in a long time and I thought I was hurting their feelings by not playing with them. It was people pleasing at its finest but rather more appropriately named inanimate pleasing.

So in an effort to not hurt our brand new scooter's feelings that we just got from Santa, we took it for a stroll...

And we even picked up a little two-on-one basketball game.

Cam has got some b-ball skills...ain't gonna lie. It must be that 6'4" Kentucky basketball blood he's got.

And I brought back my 8th grade b-ball skills and that's just about how ridiculous I looked out there.

 I loved this day. I loved how we got to play like we were kids again and that our kids interacting with us playing and not just watching. I hope that my hips stay in place as long as they can so I can have more days just like this one.

I'd say by these pictures of my big kid husband that I'm not alone in this thought. And we'll keep playing until they are too embarrassed.


  1. Oh, how in Maine we have about 6 months of winter. We won't see anything green until mid April or so. Smart to get the kids out as much as possible, they will enjoy being in when the cold temps hit, I'm sure they'll want to play in the white stuff too!

  2. You are so lucky with your climate. In England we have grey skies, wind and rain from November to March. We get a few days of snow which bring the roads and railways grinding to a halt, even for a few centimetres. Spring is lovely though. Roll on the spring with the crocus in the park and the daffodils on the common and the tulips in my garden...

  3. great pictures! love your style!!



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