Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hoola Hoopers

Oh what a week. Tonya, my sister, broke out in a severe rash a little over a week ago. When I say severe, I'm talking about something out of a medical journal. Oh and it was head.to.toe.

Exhibit A:

Everyone with me....Bless her heart! At first we thought it might be a food allergy. One of her neighbors made her something that had a very exotic Mexican spice in it. We were all thinking that is one CRAZY spice!

After tests and tests, it turns out it was strep! With her immune system really suppressed after chemo, her body really did a number on her. She's still in the hospital and the rash is getting better, thank goodness! Now they have found some bacteria in her blood by her port for her chemo. So they are having to take out the port and she'll be there until her blood is clear of bacteria. Poor thing wants to come home so badly. I don't blame her but glad that they found this!

I decided to do what little I could and bring my youngest two nieces over for a slumber party to give my brother-in-law a much needed break and to give the girls a break from the hospital.

We watched movies, played outside and played plenty of the Wii. My favorite was the Wii Fit game of hoola hooping. As you can see, Nolan is hoola hoop challenged to say the least. But that's ok, he's a boy. I love this video. Don't know what's the funniest...the girls about to knock someone out with their booties, Nolan's doing his rendition of a robot hoola hooping, or Campbell trying to ride Bandit like a horse because he's got his cowboy hat on.

Campbell thinks that hoola hooping uses a lot more elbows than your hips. Man, does he look cute doing it though.

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