Monday, April 12, 2010

Bluebonnet bash!

It's that time of year...where the sides of Texas highways are covered with a blanket of bluebonnets. It's so pretty and every year I get a little panicked about wanting to get the boys pictures done and in the back of my mind knowing how much I'm dreading the process of it...but I do it anyway. My best friend, Angi, decided to try it again after our miserable attempt last year. Ugh, just thinking about it starts making me tired. Driving around for two hours looking for them and then taking pictures. We definitely learned our lesson last year. We scoped out a place way ahead of time, met and did pictures in a jiffy and went to dinner. We're getting smart about these things finally.

Apparently, everyone else had the same idea as we did. There was another family and even a bride taking her bridal portraits. Nolan was a champ. I bribed him before we even got there and said that I'd give him 5 stickers. He's working really hard to fill up his sticker sheet to get a car he's been wanting. So he was just a cheeseball out there and kept asking after every picture if he'd get more stickers. He knows how to work the system. Smart kid.

Angi's twins seemed to really it too. I think they were all a little itchy in the grass, but the meltdowns from everyone (including the parents) were nothing like last year, so no complaints. With it being an overcast day, it really was great lighting! All in all, it was actually fun..a first for bluebonnet pictures! We even had enough energy to take the kids to the park afterward! Who knows maybe we can make this a yearly thing!

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  1. Girl... I went back and read your post from last year. It really was as bad as I remember it! We did much better this year. I love the one of you and the boys... so cute... and everyone's smiling. That's an accomplishment!



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