Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bluebonnet Beatdown

You should know the drill by now...or at least I should.

1. I get this idea in my head that I THINK will be fun.
2. It usually involves LOTS of preparation in order to pull off the idea.
3. The idea is a total DISASTER and usually involves meltdowns from all family members.
4. Only bonus of the entire thing...the idea almost always ends with pictures that "look" like we had a good time.

When will I ever learn? Of all the FFF outings this has to be in the Top 5 for sure. I love bluebonnets. Some years they are gorgeous and everywhere. Other times they are more or less "mildflowers." Unfortunately for them, I decided to bring victims along on this FFF outing. My best friend, Angi, and her husband Chris came along with their precious twins.

First mistake of the night, we had no idea where bluebonnets were so we just went "looking" for them. BAD idea! We ended up driving for an hour. I was practicing every bit of deep breathing in the car to tune out Campbell fussing. We finally end up in my old stomping ground of Crowley and find more-or-less 20 bluebonnets. After all that trouble that we went through, I WAS going to take bluebonnet pictures darnit!

We get out of the car and Nolan begins his fear of the wind bit that he does...screaming, panicking, wanting to hold me. I broke every rule of what my pediatrician told me to do to get him to work through this phobia. I'm supposed to validate the fear and tell him how brave he's being. What do I do? Tell him he better suck it up and smile! Poor kid, the things I make him do.

Meanwhile, all of the babies are fussy (and understandably so!) but we just keep making them take bluebonnets pictures and feed them yogurt melts like they're dog treats or something. Meanwhile there's this random kid who's just wandering around and apparently wants part of the bluebonnet action and keeps getting in our pictures!

We finally decide enough damage has been done for the night and go to dinner with all the kids. Reese, Angi's little girl, spills water all over Angi. I think she was really trying to get back at us for the very terrible ordeal and putting her through that. In the end we all had a really good laugh about what a crazy night it was just for some dumb pictures...but those dumb pictures sure did turn out cute, huh?


  1. The pictures ARE super cute! That totally sounds like something I would do and Reid would refuse to go along with it!

  2. HILARIOUS!Looks like y'all had a GREAT time. We are now huge fans of FFF. We can't wait for them in our future:)



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