Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here comes Peter Cottontail

The Easter bunny had to put on his rain boots down here in Texas. I volunteered to do Children's Church on Easter Sunday. I saw this really cute poem that Nolan's school did called the Jelly Bean Prayer and what each of the colors represents. I waited until late Saturday night to go get jelly beans. Bad idea. I didn't realize people actually eat jelly beans! I just always threw those away when I found them in my Easter eggs as a kid. But after a late night run to Target I got the last bag! Whew! I'm in the middle of the Children's Church lesson and we're glueing jelly beans and I'm being so careful not to ruin any Easter outfits of the kids or I knew there might be mothers ready to jump me after church. Outfit crisis was successfully averted. I'm wrapping up and we're cleaning up and the nursery attendents tell me Campbell is having a crying fit in the nursery. Turns out he's exhausted and has not had a morning nap at all. Campbell is asleep in all the Easter pics he was that tired. He had all the Easter he could take and it was only noon!

Church lets out and I'm dealing with him and completely missed Nolan Easter egg hunting. They had to bring it inside because of the rain and the parlor was really crowded so most parents didn't get to see it. Luckily we went out to my sister's and brother-in-law's farm and he went to town in the sunny afternoon hunting eggs. He fell into some puddles a couple of times but didn't let that slow him down.

My grandfather, Big Daddy, came into town along with his girlfriend Mary Lou. It was so much fun to have them there to see the kids go on their Easter egg hunt. You can tell that I don't give Nolan candy very often because in minutes he had downed about 5-6 pieces of chocolate. My sister, Tonya, had hidden money in the eggs too and he just looked at it like, "What is this and where is the chocolate?!" We took him last night to buy a car with his Easter money and now he's catching on to this money thing. In perfect Spring timing, we got to see some new baby chicks on the farm. To see the rest of our pics, click here.

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