Thursday, April 16, 2009

Someone please throw me a bone

Right now, I'm evaluating last weeks events and wondering how life got so crazy. Justin just found out that one of his skin spots that he had removed had some pre-cancerous spots and they needed to go back in and dig some more out. Fortunately, they got it all this time but he's on baths for the next two weeks and had a bandage the size of a pillow on his back for a few days. Can I tell you how funny it is to see a 6'4" man in a bath tub? I've had to help care for his back bandage. The sight of stitches just makes my heart race. I was expecting to see something that resembles Frankenstein when I pulled the bandage off but luckily it wasn't as bad as I thought.

Throw in that along with Justin going to the dentist for the first time and finding out that some bad news in the cavity department that just might make Nestle, Reese's and Willy Wonka laugh all the way to the bank. Oh, let's not forget my recent trip to Carenow for myself. I would tell you why but then I might die of embarassment. So let's just say that in the last year, my body has been poked and prodded by doctors way too many times in places that no one wants to be poked and prodded.

Throw all that in and the fact that Campbell has pneumonia, and I'm less than two weeks away from two TAKS tests and this week is one for the record books for crazy drama. I keep telling myself that I'm not trying to outdo the last drama (which there always is one) but it just happens! I took Campbell to Carenow last night. They are really getting to know us there and Web Check-in is the BEST invention EVER! I'm wondering why I'm waiting for over two hours for my pediatrician when Carenow can just call me and I have my own room within 10 min. Someone heard my plea!

I'm staying home today even though I have ZERO sick days because of maternity leave. I gave Cam his antibiotic this morning and a steroid for his lungs. Guess where it was 30 seconds after I gave it to him...all over me. If my saying is true that you're not a parent until you've been vomited on then I guess that makes me a parent 4 times over in the past month alone. He's FINALLY sleeping but sounds like he's smoked a pack of cigarettes. It breaks my heart. I'm determined for us all to get healthy but until then someone throw me a bone!


  1. Oh my gosh!! You guys win this week for crazy drama!!! But at least your a good parent that catches the pneumonia before your child needs to be hospitalized.:( But we are thinking about you guys and hope your weekend goes better!! By the way, the Easter pics were adorable!!!!

  2. I'm so sorry! I was traveling, so I completely missed all of this. Glad things are better. Thinking about y'all and saying some prayers for TAKS next week!



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