Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rain or swine

Well we've had both rain and swine around these parts lately! My school district is closed until May 11th because of a confirmed case of swine a mile down the road from my school and 3 other probable cases that are within close proximity of my school as well. Scary!

So I'm home with the boys for the next week and a half! I'm playing it safe and not sending them to daycare either. I see a lot of movies and craft time in our future!

The good news is that Nolan had three good days this week at school! YAHOO! Can you tell that we celebrated it by the picture below...a crown, gummies, AND chocolate milk. Almost as good as Christmas in a 3 1/2 year old's eyes! Let's hope he is good for me now that we're house arrest. :)

So we're keeping ourselves entertained and Campbell is doing most of the entertaining. He's trying so hard to walk and pushes everything that can be pushed even things we don't want him to push. He has ZERO interest in toys right now. Actually, the only toys he cares about are his push/walker toys. He's some really fun ones of him right now breakin' it down.

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