Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pneumonia weekend

Many of you asked how Campbell is doing with his pneumonia. Let me tell you that he is one feisty guy when it comes to taking medicine. Nolan takes meds like it's a slurpee or something he found out of an Easter egg. Campbell on the other's like a version of WWF smackdown or wrestling an alligator. We don't dare give him medicine when there's only one parent home. In fact, we've thought about bringing Nolan in on the act to hold him down. Now they have flavoring that you can get put in your kid's medicine to "help the medicine go down." Why I didn't get this put in it is something I'm still asking myself. So we just took our last day of antibiotics and the steroid. HALLELUJAH!

You know the video of him giggling? Yea, not so much these past 5 days. He's been one mean little boogar. I won't hold it against too much though because he's so cute.

We had to cancel going to our church retreat this weekend but I think by Sunday we were all a little stir crazy and Campbell was doing a lot better so we decided to venture out to Main Street Arts Festival. It was fun even though we had to look at the art as we raced by to keep the boys happy in the stroller and it was close to dinner time so we were trying to prevent meltdowns. We had dinner at Mi Cocina. That waiter must have hated us. You should have seen the floor when we left. It was a pretty tense dinner. The music was so fast paced. I already feel like I don't have time to chew my food but this was just crazy. The music made me feel like I was part of Amazing Race: food edition. When we left Justin noticed I had dried mango on my face in a couple of places. We've never felt so uncool. How did we get through it? Just like we always do - laugh.

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