Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kids say the darndest things...

Here's a few of my recent favorites that I don't want to forget. Man, this kid is funny!

1. Nolan's teacher was teaching the kids some words in Spanish and he tried his hardest to say por favor by saying, "4-5-4". My Spanish speaking mother is proud of his attempt.

2. Nolan: What are those cars doing there?
    Me: They're fishing
    Nolan: Cars can going fishing?

3. Me: Your teacher told me you want to be a policeman. Is that true?
    Nolan: Well (whispering as though it's top secret). I want to be Wolverine.

4. But my most recent favorite is what he calls tarantulas. It sounds something like "trilantrilia"...with about 3 extra syllables.

5. And lastly, I hope that this doesn't offend anyone but it's Nolan informing me when Campbell needs a diaper change. This is my life in a house full of boys!

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