Friday, April 16, 2010

A family picnic

I know it's going to end sometime soon, but this weather is unbelievable right now. I just want to stay outside all day and play. I find myself taking my students outside to do our lesson out there because I know the days of 100 degree heat and needing a shower after recess are around the corner.

We had another young families get together...this time a picnic at the botanical gardens. Talk about a blast. We played frisbee, soccer, croquet, and even flew a kite before they asked us to put it away (they tend to be pretty strict about those beautiful gardens). Once again, I'm so grateful that our church is growing and that we have more children for our boys to play with. It gives me hope that youth group will be a integral part of our boys' upbringing and means as much to them as it did for Justin and me.

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