Sunday, May 10, 2009

What I know about motherhood

1. Everything is a phase. As soon as I start worrying about one thing it's over and a new phase has started.
2. I will never have a clean house but that that mess means that I spent time with my boys and I'm proud of that.
3. God made them so adorably cute so that when I want to pull my hair out that they say the cutest thing or make the cutest face that I can't possibly stay mad at them.
4. In the most stressful situation with my children the best thing to do is to laugh. Otherwise I might cry.
5. It's ok for you to say sorry to your kids. It shows that we all make mistakes.
6. Things that I don't think my kids notice that I do are the things that they remember the most. It's comforting and scary to know at the same time to know what a model I am.
7. I now know why my own mother was so insanely protective over me.
8. You have to let go sometimes to let them learn. The consequence isn't always good but that is where the learning occurs.
9. I once heard great advice about disciplining your child. You need to make your kids think you're a little bit crazy.
10. I never knew what my heart was capable of. How much it could love. How when I had a second child, my love wasn't divided-it only multiplied.

And most importantly, motherhood really gave me an appreciation for my mom and all the people that raised me and my mother-in-law. I see how truly self-sacrificing it is but how I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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