Monday, May 11, 2009

What an awesome Mother's Day

I think this Mother's Day was super special. Not that the others haven't been but this one just really warmed my heart. The boys were great. They got me a beautiful ring from James Avery. I was especially flattered that they thought my fingers were as skinny as the size they bought me. We went to church and had lunch with my mom and sister afterwards. During church, Nolan went up for the children's sermon. I love that our church does this and I just love the adorable things that kids say up there. Nolan is the youngest by far. The other kids up there yesterday were 3rd grade and up. Well, Nolan had his first adorable children's sermon moment on Mother's Day. Our youth minister asked all the kids what was something kind that they were going to do for their moms. He handed Nolan the microphone and my heart started pounding fast. I was nervous that either Nolan wasn't listening to the question because he was so busy waving at me and saying, "Hi mommy!" or that he would say something that had nothing to do with what the children's sermon was about. But quick as ever, as if he had been planning to say it all along, he said, "I'm going to be nice to my baby brother," in his super adorable 3 year old voice. The congregation immediately roared with "aaahs" and laughter. I was just smiling ear to ear and so proud of what a sweet boy he is (well most of the time). And you know what, he actually was nice to Campbell but he usually is anyway. What a great gift!

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