Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tough love

Campbell has gotten a little mean when it comes to his lovin'. He doesn't mean to be. In fact it happens when he just can't control his happiness. When he gets really happy you better watch out...your hair better be pulled back, earrings or glasses off, and protective armor must be thrown on immediately. When I pick him up from his crib in the morning he is flapping his arms so hard that I think he might actually take flight at any moment and if your face gets hit in the action...well, he just can't help it. Campbell LOVES Bandit and he loves him hard. He always crawls after him and Bandit has been such a good sport about all the tugs and fur pulling and head smacking. Bandit just takes it but when he sees Campbell coming for him he does get this little look like, "Here he comes! Take cover!" Cam hasn't quite learned the phrase "nice touches" yet.

is this not the most mischievious look ever?
I can totally picture Bandit thinking, "Oh no, he's got me cornered."Bandit taking it like a champ

But the tough love is well worth all the slobber...err, I mean bruises!

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