Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kentucky visit

We weren't planning on going to Kentucky this summer but Justin's amazing and remarkable grandmother passed away. Without thinking twice, we changed our route to go to Colorado for family vacation to head to Kentucky to be with family.

Rosie...what an amazing lady. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I've never met a more positive person in my life than our "rosy" Rosie. She always saw the best in everything....I mean everything. She was pretty remarkable and quite a spunky, lively thing right up until the last 6 months of her 92nd year of life. She was the type to wave at the door until she saw your car gone and even stick her head in the window of the car because she loved that we visited her. It was so precious.

When we knew that Rosie wasn't doing well, we talked to the boys that she would be passing soon and Nolan opened up about how he was scared about dying. I told him that was nothing that he needed to worry about now. Rosie was nearly 100 years old and had a long happy healthy life. Then he said, "Yeah, and I'm only in the ones place." We went from sadness to hysterical laughter in seconds. I love that about my children and I know that Rosie was laughing in heaven about it. 

It really was a celebration of her life and the boys loved seeing their Kentucky family. They love visiting Gram and Pop's house. While we were there we decided to make a real trip of it and spend time with the fam and just hang out.

We took the kids to the Kentucky Horse Park and it was a blast. We packed a picnic on a gorgeous day.

And the boys always pick up right where they left off when it comes to their cousins. 

I'm not sure who's crazier about who when it comes to these two. Pretty sure, it's mutual.

After our lunch, we caught the horse parade and even had a chance to pet them. 

This horse was HUGE, but Landry didn't seem to care. Be careful, Daddy, she might just ask for one.

All in all, it was a gorgeous day and just what we all needed days after Rosie's funeral. 

And it's not a Kentucky visit without an ER visit. In case you're wondering why Landry has a boo boo on her head. She had a fight with a solid oak wood chair and the chair won.  Her 4 stitches prove it. Of course my baby girl is the first one of my kids to get stitches. I can't believe how great she was during the stitches. She cried more about the numbing medicine than the stitches.

 We also made some time to go to some new places in Lexington that we've never had time to do. And this next series of pictures were part of a sneaky photo shoot of the kids for my sister-in-law's birthday. They are some of my favorites of them as cousins. 

And this one of my nieces...oh my goodness. I can't handle how precious. 

I just love how the 900 miles between them doesn't keep them from playing with each other like they see each other every day. 

Our Nolan and Neala...

Neala Rose...named after Rosie. And how appropriate is it that she's perfectly rosy too just like her great-grandmother.

We managed to squeeze in celebrating Melissa (my sister-in-law) and Campbell's June birthdays too.

And even in a game of corn hole.

Our little crew is learning to become travelers after all. Well, everyone but Landry. One day she'll watch movies and sleep, right?! Lord, please let that happen one day.

So grateful for this time in Kentucky to celebrate the beautiful long life of Rosie and to see family.

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