Saturday, June 8, 2013

First and last day of 1st grade

Nolan just finished up his last day of 1st grade. It's so hard to believe I have an almost 2nd grader!

Here he is on the first and last day of 1st grade. Good to know that he wanted to be an astronaut at the beginning of the year and I asked him now and he said he wanted to be a ninja.

Can you say parenting fail? Imagination counts for something, right?

Here's a pic of all his first and last days of school so far in elementary. 

The top left pics are his first and last day of kinder. I think kinder is when he changed the most. Look at that baby face with the red shirt on.

He said this was the pose that they made him do for school pictures so he did it completely unprompted. Can you tell he's a photog kid? And is it just me or does he looks like he's in high school here?

First grade has been a great year. He's an amazing reader and his artistic skills always amaze me. I'm so so proud of this sweet little boy. It's a little bittersweet being the end of the year at Chisholm Ridge because Nolan has done so well, learned so much and had great teachers both years. I'm praying for an easy transition to his new school. I loved being able to peek in on him during the day every now and then and just blowing him a kiss in the hall when I saw him pass by. He still waves at me like he hasn't seen me in weeks.

Ok I have to stop talking about it or I'll start crying.

Here's to a new chapter in both of our lives.

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