Monday, July 15, 2013

Family Fun on the Fourth

We started our tradition of heading to our neighborhood pool early on the 4th. Normally this is a blast. However, Campbell recently went through a pretty traumatic experience at a friend's house where I had to jump in after him with my coverup and shoes on (I somehow managed to save my margarita). Last year, he was a fish. Jumping off diving boards, swimming under water with no floaties. I guess he got a little rusty so that understandably really shook him up.

He acts like he's never been swimming in his life and is quite ok with never swimming again in water over 6". So pool time has been pretty torturous this summer until last week. It seemed like with Nolan we always had to start over every year but Cam was pretty fearless. We tried not pushing him but he would just cling to my neck like I was sticking a cat in water.

Finally after about 6 trips to the pool, we're back to at least wearing floaties. Hallelujah. Baby steps. I didn't get too many photos of our pool time because he was so terrified and all hands needed to be on deck.

What do I love most about the pool? That it wears my kids out!

I've been eyeing this skirt on Pinterest since Landry was a baby but I knew it was well above my skill level. My friend Kristen is way more talented than me and decided she was ready to tackle it. So we did a crafty swap. She made the skirts and I made the shirts and bows. I got the way better end of the deal. But I do vote them as the cutest patriotic outfits ever. I'm glad Landry's is a little big on her because that means she can wear it again next year!

I mean...seriously? 

My mom made the cookie patriotic pops and they were a bonus cute photo opp. The kids were eating them faster than I could take pictures though.

Grandma always comes with cute pinwheels and decor to make it feel festive.


My brother moved to town and lives less than 10 minutes away. I've seen him more in the past month than I have in 3 years. It's been great!

I love that you can just smell the grill throughout the day on the 4th of July. Burgers, dogs, corn on the cob, potato all just feels American. 

I'm so thankful for this country, for our freedom...I do take it for granted way too easily.

And it's not the 4th without loading up the kids to watch fireworks. We have definitely had our mishaps over the years trying to watch them but we've finally found a great place that has a 360 degree view of all of them across town.

Glow sticks, pinwheels, and patriotic colors blazin'.

Landry really couldn't have cared less about the fireworks. She was completely content with her blowin' pinwheel and glow sticks. 

While the fireworks weren't as close as they normally are, the kids loved being up so high that they could see about 10-12 firework shows going on a once. There's something so American seeing all these mini celebrations going on all around us.

And I think we have a little pyromaniac on our hands. Should I be scared?

Happy 4th of July from our family to yours!

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