Saturday, July 20, 2013

Amarillo by morning

Early this summer we planned on taking a trip to Colorado. Justin's grandmother who had been ill for over 6 months suddenly took a turn for the worse. We decided to cancel our trip because we had a feeling she wouldn't make it long. Our instinct was right and our dear sweet Rosie passed away.

As part of our trip to Colorado, we wanted to stop in Amarillo and visit my grandparents. It had been since last summer that we had seen them so it was definitely time. So since our trip to Colorado was cancelled we took another weekend just to go and visit them. I'm so glad we did.

We made it in really late Friday night, but we filled our weekend with some quality family time. My grandmother's yard is amazing. She works so hard on it everyday and it shows. Her grass it like carpet.

And my kids love it too. They play like crazy barefoot and all because when else can you feel like you're walking on carpet outside in Texas?

It warmed my heart to see my kids playing her in backyard and loving on my grandparents.

And can you believe that I grew up in Amarillo and I've NEVER been the the Big Texan?

That's blasphemy in those parts. While we waited for what seemed like eternity for our food, they had some really great music and the kids loved it and we even got to see someone attempt to eat the 72 oz steak in under an hour. He didn't make it by the way. 


Losing Rosie really helped remind us how precious our grandparents are to us and I feel so lucky that I still have some of mine.

My grandmother is so beautiful, trendy, lively and so generous. She's always volunteering at her church and to help others. I hope I can be her when I grow up.

We love you Great Grams and Grandpa! 

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