Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Water"fall walk

In starting my new photography journey, I'm on the lookout for new interesting locations to take photo shoots. I had a teacher friend from my school tell me about a secret waterfall that hardly anyone knows about in River Oaks. I did some research online. No wonder no one knows about it. There's no signs, no parking lot, and you never even know that it's there. It's really close to the Air Force Base here in town.

My niece is about to get her braces off and I want to take her senior pictures to celebrate! So we went to scope it out in the triple digit heat. I didn't say it was the best planning.

Here's the so-called waterfall. I guess that's what you get when it's been dry as a bone for a month now with no rain. It was pretty even without the water but I bet it's just gorgeous with the water flowing.

So maybe the Spring would be a better time to scope this waterfall out. The boys thought it was pretty cool to be standing in the middle of a waterfall.

Once again, I don't know what I'd do without Madison this summer. She's helped me out a ton with watching the kids during the summer when I've had appointments or just needed some help when we go swimming.

We were only there about 15-20 minutes because that's all we could tolerate with the heat. But I wanted to snap a few pictures because it seems like I've neglected taking pictures of my little ones since this new photography journey has begun and we can't have that!

And Campbell was going his best to help me look for water for our waterfall.

We all needed baths and showers from our short little hike. It doesn't take much here in Texas. 

We had about all we could take and it was time to take Madison back to the farm. Campbell was beyond excited about seeing the horses but I've figured out he talks a big game. This is as close as we could get him to the pony who was seriously the tiniest pony ever.

Nolan loved it and he's not even our big horse lover.

Landry sat for about 3 seconds on him, but that's 3 seconds longer than Campbell did. You know, our son that wants to grow up to be a jockey but won't go near a horse.

I loved that my boys love the farm and even though they're city kids through and through, they have a love for getting dirty.

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  1. Love everything about this! The boys and Landry are getting so big!!



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