Friday, August 10, 2012

Scrapbook retreat

It's become an annual tradition. For four days and three nights I pack up all my junk (scrapbooking junk) and go on a girls trip with my girlfriends. It's a glorious four days of uninterrupted time to get caught up on scrapbooking. I am so so behind. Going into the trip I was a year and a half behind and now I'm just 10 months behind!

I started out having a scrapbook for each year of my kids' lives but I quickly learned that I can't keep up with that. So Nolan has the first 4 years in separate albums, Campbell has the first two years and poor Landry Kate is just going to have her first year. After that I'm going to family albums. I figure that they can fight over them later or just make digital copies of them. More than likely, my boys will not even care about them so maybe they'll all go to Landry.

We went to the McKinney location this time at Memory Lane Inn. Here is our adorable room.

The whole house is dedicated to a scrapbooking retreat with a crop room right next to the house.

I think we might be the messiest scrappers ever.

And this picture I can explain. One of my friend's husbands jokes that we're all lying and we just say that we're "scrapbooking". He finds it hard to believe that this many girls actually want to do this for four days in a row. So he hacked into his wife's email and said, "Hey guys I wanted to bring along a guy from work and his name is John." He wanted to see how we would react.

So we couldn't resist when the owner's husband came to take a look at the air conditioning to have him pose for a picture as our "John".

It was glorious having time away without changing any dirty diapers, making meals or bottles for a short while. I missed my little ones so much that I scrapbooked them the whole time!

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