Saturday, August 18, 2012

Meet the Teacher for Pre-K

I can't believe that school is almost starting. I love the routine of school but absolutely hate the START of school. It's so stressful and overwhelming as a teacher and mom of three until we get our routine figured out. But it's coming, so I better just build a bridge and get over it (as I lovingly tell my students).

Campbell's meet the teacher was today. Luckily, he already knows one of his teachers. He had her last year for half of the year and so did big bubba, Nolan!

We went ahead and brought his backpack with his naptime turtle and blanket. One less thing to worry about the first day on Monday.
As soon as he saw his classroom, he started playing peek-a-boo with his teacher.

And he didn't waste one second to start doing a puzzle with Ms. Sherry.

Here is he with his two teachers.

Campbell misses school so much. He loves his friends and being the class clown. Hmmm, wherever did he get that?!

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