Friday, June 10, 2011

Cryfest 2011

I'm not too proud to admit that my emotions have rivaled that of the biggest roller coaster at Six Flags. One minute I'm slap-a-grin-on-my-face happy and other times I feel like the Incredible Hulk. I really really hope that I can blame it all on my pregnant hormones being so out of whack, or at least that's what I tell myself so that I can sleep better at night wondering if I'm scarring my children for life.

Nolan's Pre-K end of year program was a couple of weeks ago and the timing was not optimal. School that day had absolutely worn me out.

End of the school year = behavior problems

Then moments after school got out I found out that Tonya's, my sister, cancer is back. Yep, every emotion that we went through last year gets to start all over again. And to top it off, I came home to find that my completely neurotic dog went ballistic and decided to go completely psycho in our bedroom. It pretty much looked like we got robbed. 

But bad day or not, I was NOT going to miss my baby's end of the year program/graduation. I gotta say I was so crazy proud of Nolan. I'm impressed that he has a little handbell blood running through his little veins. I played handbells in high school. Not because I'm musically gifted but pretty much because one of my best friend's mom's made her play and so she made me play. But I did get to tour in some amazing cathedrals in Europe so I'd say it was worth it.

I especially love that he plays with his tongue sticking out.

There are moments in motherhood where you see your children and you just think, Oh my goodness, this is going by so quickly. This is what everyone warned me about. And at that very moment, you want to just soak in every second and you promise yourself that you will never forget this moment/age/stage. That you'd do it all over again, every hair pulling moment, to have the moment that you're experiencing that very second.

Next year, my baby starts kindergarten! The only thing easing the blow is that he'll be at school with me. So for the first time as a working mom, I'll actually get to see him more. That definitely helps to know that I'll see his sweet face in the hall and get to sneak in quick little hugs throughout the day to help me get through my day.

Each kid made an "All about me" poster and it was so fun getting to read what he thinks when asked certain questions. If he had one wish what would it be? World peace, you ask? Nope, a new red ball. And I do love that he wants to be a chef when he grows up. I'm definitely okay with that as long as he cooks for me. But probably the best part of his poster was the award he was given by his teachers..."Our little Picasso". I saw the poster first and then pointed it out to my graphic artist husband. He had some serious pride beaming going on.


And they're right. My kid has some crazy good art skills which he definitely got from his daddy. For example I was doing puzzles with Campbell in one room and came into the kitchen to see this little masterpiece he created all by himself with no reference material around. Yeah, that would be the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse complete with the slide and the telescope coming off Mickey's ear. Not bad at all for a kid not even in kindergarten.

I'm not a huge Josh Groban fan. It's just not my style but when your baby is singing "You Raise Me Up," you cry like you're the biggest Josh Groban groupie there ever was. I'm sure the emotions from the whole day only amplified my ugly cry I had going. Justin was laughing at me and I told him it was completely legitimate for moms to cry at graduation and why was he laughing at me. He said it was only to mask his feelings of him about to cry with me at any moment.


  1. Kindergarten!?! That's wonderful! He's going to love it. Being with you at your school is a plus! AND, yes, awesome art skills.:)

  2. i don't have kids yet, but I understand why it is emotional to see ur little one graduate :)

    btw ... you have a really nice blog layout design. love the header!! and the background with your children's faces is just amazing

    polka :)



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