Saturday, June 25, 2011

Big water, big step

What Campbell doesn't know yet...that he could probably get anyway with ANYTHING if he just wore goggles all the time. Tell me this kid ain't cute!

Goggles and a few other things have saved my sanity this summer. Well, make that most days.

I'm not gonna lie and sugar coat things. This summer has been pretty hard for me with two energetic guys and being 7 months pregnant at home all day by myself. I feel so guilty that I just wanted summer to be here so badly and now that it's here, I'm so worn out and snappy. I remember having days like this last summer but not so I'm blaming it on the fact that I'm pregnant and just feeling the burn.

Since my boys aren't exactly Michael Phelps caliber yet, the pool is a lot of work, especially when I'm by myself. First, they make me a nervous wreck. All it takes hearing one horrible story of a mother losing their child to drowning at the pool to make your days of laying out by the pool a distant memory. 

But each year the pool seems to be a little more manageable. Church camp did wonders for Nolan as did swim lessons. Houston, we have our heads under water! Again, thank goodness for goggles!


Swim lessons were over this week and I gotta tell ya, as thankful as I am for the confidence the lessons gave my children, I'm doing a little happy dance that they're over. I'm not sure if they put ice cubes in their pool every night or what but that sucker was ridiculously cold. And getting in my moo moo of a swimsuit with a kicking toddler wasn't exactly up there on my fun meter.

Nolan has be intrigued by my growing belly this pregnancy and asks to look at it daily. Recently, when I showed it to him, his only response was, "Whoa."

Exhibit A : Whoa

Campbell was awarded the flying fish in his swim lessons class and was a pro. This boy was 4-5 seconds under water after only 8 days of lessons. I can't ever imagine how he got the flying fish award. 


And Nolan being our more cautious one has really made some leaps and bounds this summer too. Last summer I was so worried about his fear of water that I asked my doctor about it and she just said, "Give it time." And it's amazing what time has already done.

But when we're lucky and we've got Justin home on the weekends, pool time is way more fun. There's even time to snap a few fun shots. I think it must be something about his aura but kids flock to him in the pool and before you know it, Justin's tossing strangers' kids across the pool. Sometimes, it's so hard waiting for a turn with Daddy.

But sometimes even Mommy isn't so bad either. 


 As much as I may whine about how much work it is and how exhausted I am, I wouldn't trade being anywhere else but with them. Although a random pedicure or girls night out might help remedy the situation. 


  1. You're almost there! No matter what reality we are in at any given moment, it almost always seems the hardest. This too will pass and will become a distant memory. Don't feel guilty. We've all been there!

  2. First, don't feel bad. You can do it. Youre doing a great job momma! Second, you are super cute preggo in your swimsuit. Last, great photos!

  3. Hey there! I found you on Picket Fence and really like what you are doing here. You'd be my best friend if you would link to me on either of your blog lists...


    Once you do, leave a comment on my site and I'll be sure to return the favor:)



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