Sunday, December 21, 2008


We're here in Kentucky visiting Gram and Pop and having a great time. All-in all, the trip here was pretty good. Campbell decided to spike a fever on the plane and had some fussy moments but I'll take 2 hours worth of a little fussiness compared to the best 17 hour car ride. I definitely knew to bring some Benadryl to drug Cam but lesson learned to bring Tylenol on the plane ride back home.

I love that my in-laws are practically a daycare with their house set up. It makes traveling so much easier and less stressful. They have a grandkids' bedroom with a crib and a twin bed so last night was the first night that the boys have slept in the same room. We put on Christmas music but had two episodes of Nolan crying hysterically because he heard Manheim Steamroller and apparently that music is the equivalent of watching a horror movie to him. That was quickly followed by another crying episode because he needed to potty. At this point, I give him the "You need to be brave" speech because I'm so exhausted after our traveling day. I asked him if he knows what brave means and he responds, "it means to be quiet." Well, close enough! Campbell screams two hours later but amazingly enough during all of this crying and all these wake up calls, they don't wake each other up! Who needs sleep anyway? Oh wait...I do!

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  1. Sounds like an adventure!!
    Let us know when you get back and we can get Hank and Nolan together to play. We will keep an eye out here on Cottage!



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