Saturday, December 27, 2008

mERry christmas

We like to put the 'ER' in Merry Christmas...wouldn't be exciting if we didn't. It never fails that every year that we're up here we're either at the hospital or going to a funeral. Campbell has been really battling a yucky chest cold. We've been giving him breathing treatments left and right for almost a month now. We took him to a clinic here on Tuesday and they gave him another treatment, checked his oxygen level and it was at 100% so they sent us home to continue the nebulizing treatments. I swear when my boys outgrow needing breathing treatments we are going to have a ceremonial bonfire to torch that thing. I can't stand it!

So my otherwise ridiculously happy and smiling baby was just as fussy as could be on Christmas Eve and Christmas. We kept giving him Motrin but he still wasn't getting rid of his fever. I heard him let out a little cry and went to check on him and he was breathing so fast so I counted and he was taking 54 breaths per minute and his stomach was really distended every time he took a breath. We took his temp and Justin pulled it out from under his arm after it jumped to 102 within seconds. We call the nurse back in TX and they said we needed to have him checked out. We head to the ER on Christmas night at 11:00, they get us right in. They immediately take his's 104.7! I start tearing up. Fevers make me panic. I know it's a normal body response to an illness but they make me so nervous.

They load him with Tylenol to get his fever down. Next came chest x-rays, another breathing treatment along with some serious whacks to his back to get him to break up the mucous, nasal swap to test for RSV, and the blood work. There were four nurses holding him down trying to draw his blood. He and I were both crying. At about 2:30 a.m. all tests came back normal. No pneumonia, no RSV...just a really nasty upper respiratory infection. AND after all that, they said all we could do was just keep doing what we're doing...breathing treatments...AGH! So much for that bonfire anytime soon.

So it's not exactly an ideal first Christmas for our sweet little guy but I'm so thankful everything is OK with him.


  1. OMG!!! How traumatic! I am so sorry you had to go through that--I totally unederstand--(as a pedi nurse) and know how awful that whole thing can glad he is ok--strangely enough we are on the front end of the same thing w/cason--hope he doesn't turn the same direction :( GET BETTER~!!!!

  2. Wow! So sorry to have that happen to you guys on your holiday. That would be awful anytime, but seems worse for Christmas and out of town and all... Hope that you guys are better soon!



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