Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not so pretty in pink...

Pink eye that is. Nolan has had it 3 times in the past month and finally passed it on to Campbell. Sunday morning poor bubba couldn't open his eyes. Then guess who gets it? ME! Oh, and in both eyes. By Monday night, I couldn't see and seeing any light was like looking directly into the sun. Lucky for me, Justin works for Alcon and I have an array of antibiotics for my eye at my fingertips. I called in a sick day on Tuesday and drive to meet him squinting the entire way. So my drug dealer husband meets me in the Whataburger parking lot and I immediately give myself a good dose of drugs. Everyone is staring at me in Whataburger because it looks like I've been crying for days and I keep wiping my eyes. As I'm eating lunch, tears are pouring down onto my burger and I seriously can't see! Here I am in the parking lot, blind as a bat, and can't drive home! I sit there thinking that maybe the drops need time to settle but I still couldn't see after a good hour of taking the drops. So Justin drives me to the doctor and my mom meets me there so she can take me home afterwards. Turns out I am having a huge allergy attack on top of pink eye. She gives me a steroid shot, some Allegra and tells me to keep doing the eye drops.

Justin picks up the boys from school and thankfully my parents come save the day and help feed the family and get them ready for bed. I drug myself with some Nyquil and I'm in bed by 8:00. Next day, still can't see and I look like I've been stung in the eye with bees. Later that night, Campbell has transferred pink eye to his other eye and is up all night. Justin gets the superstar dad award for handling him most of the night with breathing treatments, meds, and rocking. This morning I woke up and could see out of one eye. I drive to school looking like a pirate and I make it until 11:00 before I can't make it anymore. I meet Justin at our pediatrician's office. I beg her to make our family better. She writes prescriptions and I immediately get them filled. Within one hour, I can tell a huge difference. HALLELUJAH! Wow, who would have thought that pink eye would have knocked me out for so long. I thought about posting a picture of my eyes, but then I thought that might not be so good when I'm famous. It could be incriminating and people might think Justin is beating me.

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